shutdown 2018 room installation Photo: Michel Lavignon


anna.laclaque is educated as opera singer, pianist, and painter. As opera singer, she performed world premieres in leading opera houses. Contemporary music induced a transition to vocal improvisation with live-electronics by Michel Lavignon. In her current artworks, she refers to her background in visual arts and classical music to create multi-media room installations still evoking associations from her theatre experience. Each installation is specifically adapted to the given settings where she is invited to perform.


anna.laclaque develops room installations exploring the creative potential of the combination of different media including video, painting, music and live performance. Her voice is alienated and multiplicated with live-electronics. The videos are used to generate short-lived and fugitive virtual paintings. Videos and sound are alternating between figuration and abstraction by artificial resolutions and decompositions in space and time. The resulting room installations and art performances are delicate and at the same time disturbing.


anna.laclaque aims at understanding the position of the individual in the real world and its tension between self-determination and isolation. By using her own body and voice she visually and acoustically evokes various representations of the self. The confrontation of these selfs infers a fragile holistic picture of a fluctuating and fugitive personality. The art work represents an in vain attempt to capture the own personality from the variety of its different aspects. The artist is a representative for any human and becomes an object of projection for the spectator.