anna.laclaque voice                 video/performance                 painting  anna.laclaque is opera singer, pianist, painter, and performance artist. Based on her international  experience as opera singer, her artworks are influenced by elements from classical music and theatre  and initiate cross-border artistic experiments with the goal to define new and unanticipated  expression forms. She develops performances with live electronics by her partner Michel Lavignon to  alienate and multiplicate her voice and, with the help of video projections, generates multimedia-  based room installations. anna.laclaque uses her videos to generate paintings. The paintings are  approxmiations of the video with random perturbations. anna.laclaque is convinced that the  spectrum of symbols used for interaction and communication is far from being exhausted and that  such an evolution of forms will extend our repertoire of symbols and the dimensionality of our  interactions. anna.laclaque is guided by the leitmotiv of the position of the individual in the real world  and its associated tension between self-determination and isolation.  CELL Walkmühle Wiesbaden 2018-09 contact